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This page is used to keep track of the current translations and their maintainers and revisions. Therefore we thank all the translators listed below for their work!

If you would like to become the maintainer of the translation of a language, please download the english file and translate it (please encode the file in UTF-8). Then, send the file and your details (name, site, e-mail) to our mailling list.

English Revision: 19

Language EN Revision Revision Translator E-mail Site
Catalan (ca) 19 3 Íñigo Goiri inigoiri -at- telefonica ! net  
Danish (da) 19 2 AlleyKat translations -at- phpbb2 ! dk
German (de) 19 6 Marco Jacob majacob -at- users ! sourceforge ! net  
Spanish (es) 19 6 Aitor Gomez & Íñigo Goiri twolf -at- telefonica ! net  
Basque (eu) 19 4 Aitor Gomez twolf -at- telefonica ! net  
French (fr) 19 10 Aurélien Pohu aurelien0306 -at- users ! sourceforge ! net  
Italian (it) 19 9 Sergio Bonfiglio hiei2 -at- interfree ! it  
Japanese (ja) 19 3 Takagi Masahiro m-takagi -at- users ! sourceforge ! net  
Norwegian (Bokmal) (nb) 17 5 Sebastiaan J.L. van der Velden sjlvdv -at- tiscali ! no  
Dutch (nl) 17 9 Sebastiaan J.L. van der Velden sjlvdv -at- tiscali ! no  
Polish (pl) 10 4 Rzoock rzoock -at- wp ! pl  
Portuguese (pt) 19 22 Nuno Lopes    
Swedish (sv) 19 3 Thomas Jansson thomasjansson -at- users ! sourceforge ! net  
Turkish (tr) 19 6 Alperen Yusuf Aybar alperen -at- aybar ! biz
Simplified Chinese (zh_cn) 19 4 Allen Chue allenchue -at- gmail ! com


The translation is up-to-date!
The translation is a bit old (revisions <= 5)
The translation is highly outdated. Please update ASAP!


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